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College Impact Awards: Lead Award Shortlist

Thilo Kunkel

The following student-athletes have been shortlisted for the Athlete CRUSH College Impact Lead Award: Kelly Dopke, Joey Gorman, Gregory Dix, and Enna Selmanovic.

The Lead Award is given to one student who has consistently displayed all the qualities of a good leader. It is someone who everyone gets along with and feels comfortable approaching. This person is considered as a leader on and off the field. A highly respected individual who everyone trusts and can turn to in times of need. In other words, they know how to push the people around them to be the best they can be. Read about our candidates below!


Kelly Dopke

Student-athlete awards

(Kelly Dopke doing what she does best)


    Introducing Kelly Dopke, a student-athlete for the Vandals Soccer team at the University of Idaho. Kelly is the President of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, boasts a 4.0 GPA in Medical Sciences, and is captain of her squad which won back-to-back championships in 2015 & 2016. Given that she is the President of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, she has used her position to organize events such as Idaho’s Trick or Treat in the Dome and the Christmas Toy Drive. While all of Idaho’s student-athletes make visits to local schools, Kelly mostly spends her additional time talking to her biggest fans, maximizing fan engagement within the surrounding communities. She is a role model to her fans and a leader to her peers. Taking into account all of Kelly’s extracurricular involvement and success in the classroom, it makes her an ideal candidate for our Lead Award! 


Joey Gorman

Love for the game

(Joey Gorman in action)


   Second on the list is Joey Gorman who has a truly inspiring story. Joey is a former baseball player at Saint Joseph’s University who is currently attending Neumann University. At the age of 12, Joey discovered that he suffered from a condition called ‘Chiari Malformation’, a structural defect in the brain. It was never an issue until he felt tingling down his neck and lost feeling in his arm and leg during his freshman year. He had to undergo 4 surgeries in a 2-year span. During his recovery, his love for baseball motivated him to get back on the field. To help create awareness for Chiari Malformation, he started selling t-shirts with the phrase “Losing is not an option”. He also created a foundation that sends all proceeds from the t-shirt sales to help with researching the disease. His story and determination make him a strong candidate for the Lead Award..... View Full Article 

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