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Kelly Dopke: The Determined Doctor

Thilo Kunkel

We set out on a mission to discover some of the most inspirational and influential student-athletes across the nation, and the stories that were submitted far exceeded what we were expecting. When looking for candidates for the Athlete CRUSH College Impact Awards – Lead Award – we received incredible stories from athletes across the nation. But one stood out: California native, Kelly Dopke, who shows that you don’t need to be wealthy to give and make an impact on other peoples’ lives.

Kelly Dopke

Kelly Dopke and is a current senior, captain, and one of the starting center-backs for the Women’s Soccer Team at the University of Idaho. She’s studying Medical Sciences in the Honors Program and hopes to continue her education in the medical school and become a doctor. Oh, and she has a 4.0 GPA! She has also served as the President, Vice President, and Volunteer and Service Coordinator for her school’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, the job of which is to act as the voice of student athletes in the community and for the college at the Big Sky Conference.

We recently caught up with Kelly to find out what drives her to be the best she can be and make an impact on those around her....View Full Article

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