We have rebranded from Athlete CRUSH to SPRTER! So, all Crush Line prices have been reduced by $5 and profits will go towards fighting the Coronavirus crisis!

About Us

SPRTER is a sport-tech startup based in Philadelphia, PA. We have launched a sport-specific social media platform that will revolutionize how SPRTERS (sporters and supporters) connect.

Sporter is the term we coined to refer to sports influencers (athletes, former athletes, coaches, media, teams, leagues, brands, etc.). Basically, anyone working in the sports industry who help contribute to the special moments we all experience through sport!

Our Vision
To inspire the world of sport through positivity.
Our Mission
Provide a platform to help sporters and supporters connect.
SPRTER College Impact Awards
The SPRTER College Impact Awards are our way of making a difference! It is our unique charity program in which we highlight student-athletes from across the US who have displayed acts of selflessness. No deed is too small and anyone who has made any kind of contribution to society is eligible. We have three award categories and the winner of each category will get to nominate a charity or charities to which we donate $$$ in their name!
By purchasing our CRUSH Line items, you are directly supporting the SPRTER College Impact Awards. 100% of the profits from the CRUSH Line sales and the donations made through our website will go towards the donations we make to the charities our award winners choose.
Thank you for your support! Your purchase really does make a difference!